Youtube Channel Gallery


* Fixed problem with SSL.
* Changes in CSS to correct IE columns.


* Check accounts suspended.
* SSL support (checks if HTTPS or on Port 443). Be aware that the YouTube player is not fully compatible with SSL. See [HTTPS Support for YouTube Embeds](
* Changes in CSS to correct IE support.


* Added option to show only thumbnails without player.
* Added option to add target=”_blank” to thumbnails if the option without player is selected.
* Control 50 thumbnails limit.
* Changes in CSS.
* Changes in admin CSS and JS.
* Update language file.


* Changes in CSS.
* Added option to add “nofollow” attribute to links.
* Improvements in the code.


* Fixed error with alignments without title or description.
* Changes in CSS.


* Improvements in widget admin JavaScript.
* Corrected misspellings in Spanish.
* Added default options to the elements of the links tab.
* Added div around iframe to allow maximum width of player adding to your the style.css: .ytcplayer-fixwidthwrapper{max-width:500px}
* Changes in CSS.


* Added some classes to html.
* Fixed thumbnail size error when the number of columns is equal to 0 or 1.


* Replaced SimplePie for SimpleXML to solve problems that many users have with Simplepie.
* Replaced SimplePie FeedCache for Transients API cache data to manage cache of RSS.
* Added a field to set the number of hours to keep the data before refreshing.
* Added a checkbox to deactivate the cache. Useful to check or flush new videos.
* Added default values.
* Changed the max-results parameter to 50 to allow the maximum display value of a single request.
* Fixed row counter with multiple instances of the plugin in the same page.
* Responsive design.
* Deleted video width field to make video player width responsive.
* Thumbnail width field is used for top and bottom alignments to obtain the most appropriate thumbnails from rss.
* Added checkbox Show YouTube logo, which if is unchecked, will prevent the YouTube logo from displaying in the control bar.
* Added contextual help to widget.
* Parameter orderby=reversedPosition of Google Data API is not working. The descending order of the playlist is created without the parameter of the api.
* Increased the width of the widget to show in a single row the tabs in Spanish.
* Changes in CSS.
* Update language file.


* max-results=50 parameter removed from playlists. Some users have reported plugin crashes. After check it out I found that the plugin fails with multiple playlist because of this parameter randomly.


* Changed the max-results parameter to 50 to allow the maximum display value of a single request. The plugin will not show more than 50 videos at least until version 2


* Fixed scroll to player script.
* CSS improvements.
* Moved screenshots to assets folder.


* Check descriptions in playlists because are in media:description.


* Add &wmode=transparent to the YouTube iframe url in order to allow layers to overlap it.

* Fixed order of playlists videos, now by ascending and descending position.
* Added control to select playlist order.
* Fixed for attributes of some wigdet labels.


* Corrected order of playlists videos.
* Enqueue of admin style only in widget page.
* admin-styles.css tweaks.
* Update widget form after drag-and-drop (WP save bug).
* Added scroll to player only if not in view.

* Corrected problem with jQuery.noConflict.
* Corrected link to title.

* Corrected bug in pages with multiple galleries.


* Corrected thumbnail size selection in playlists.


* Improved management of thumbnails.
* Corrected thumbnail size selection in playlists.


* Added playlist feed support.
* Added control to select video quality.
* Added control to open link to Youtube in a new window.
* Improved accessibility of video links.
* Fixed bug with 1 column.
* CSS improvements.


* Fixed bug with columns.
* Fixed issue with CSS.


* Added options to show title and description with thumbnails.
* Added new classes to better manage the final appearance (rows, columns, even, odd, number of row an column).
* Calculated width between thumbnails.


* Corrected error when file_get_contents() is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0.
* Corrected error with Show info (title, uploader) field.


* Added tabs to the widget interface to better organize the fields.
* Added new fields to control the player (Aspect ratio, Progress bar color, Autoplay, Show related videos, Show info).
* Added Aspect ratio field to thumbnails.
* Added Link text field to Links.
* Added class to last thumbnail of each row to delete the margin-right in CSS.
* Added class to first thumbnail of each row to clear float in CSS.
* Check that the inserted user name exists.
* Changes in CSS.

* Fixed warning: Cannot modify header information…


* Fixed bug with shortcode position.
* Deleted decimals to thumbnail heights.
* Added background-size to CSS of thumbnails to control image size.
* Added Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR). Thanks to Rodny.


* Removed parameter ‘origin’ from Youtube iframe Player to solve the issue that some users have on clicking the thumbnails.


* Tweak on CSS.
* Trying to correct issue that some users have with the origin parameter of the player.


* Tweaks on CSS.
* Now the CSS and JS files are loaded only on the page in which appears the plugin.
* Correction on JS, because it did not work in IE and FF.
* Code organization. More OOP.


* Fixed issue with CSS.


* Added width and height to player.
* Reverted name variable prefixes.


* Added shortcode feature.
* Multiple instances of the plugin on the same page.
* Added theme selector.
* Improved use of Iframe YouTube Player API (now synchronous).
* Added effect: hover on thumbnails to display a play button.


* Initial Release.

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