Portraits Around the World: Kids Will Be Kids

Every week I feature a picture taken by myself or Jerry Bauer that tells the story of a person. Sometimes they’re bizarre, informative, or just plain entertaining. To see more Portraits Around the World, click here. Have you ever observed kids playing? They might chase each other with water guns in your neighborhood, or maybe […]

Travel Inspiration: Stunning Photo Essay of Dominican Republic

This past June, before moving to South Korea, I spent almost a full month beneath the Caribbean sun in Dominican Republic. It was a blissful summer spent laying by the pool, floating in the ocean, scuba diving with starfish, and eating every type of seafood I could get my hands on. The DR is one of […]

Swimming With Starfish: Scuba Diving in Dominican Republic

Now that the weather is growing cooler and cooler in South Korea …all I can do is look back at this beautiful summer spent under the Caribbean sun. I finally became a certified open water diver with World of Scuba in Boca Raton, Florida this past May, and fell in love with scuba diving and the […]

Dominican Republic, Thank You For a Wonderful Holiday!

Mi Querida Republica Dominicana (My Dearest Dominican Republic), Your beauty is incomparable in a way that drills past your blue waters and palm tree canopies into your center and core. Somehow, your charms seem to out way your short comings. Every time I grow angry with you, one look into your eyes and I fall in love […]