Expression wrinkles around almond eyes, full lips with freckles, or a button nose that crinkles with every laugh. To me, a face tells a story. Maybe it’s a story about loss depicted by a look, or maybe it’s a coming of age story defined by smooth skin. Faces around the world make up stories of the people; our brothers and sister who walk, cry, smile, love, suffer and breathe beside us. Portraits around the world is meant to capture unexpected moments that may not seem like much on their own, but as a whole, mean everything about human kind.

Take a look at Santa. We stumbled on this guy two Christmases ago smoking a cigar and drinking a cortadito on Calle 8 in Miami, also known as Little Havana. He gave us a good laugh in his Santa suit, but isn’t that the point? Merry Christmas in May, everyone.

Cuban Santa

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