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Today I have an immense amount of gratitude for the place I’m at in Korea. It hasn’t been easy getting here, as it never is when you move your life half way across the world. I haven’t reflected much on my position as an EPIK teacher or on the unique situation I’ve been placed in as a native English educator for a Global Center – not the opportunity I was expecting, but more on that another day. I finally taught my first class of kiddos, and I feel ecstatic after waiting months for this long awaited moment.

They were endearing, sweet and patient (not to be confused with obedient). Just look at them!


My class focusing on Spanish culture consists of a rather long story about the Flamenco Flamingo, followed by a dance lesson. They had WAY more fun with it than I expected, and I’m relieved that I wasn’t shunned or bombarded with rotten fruit as I made them tap their feet to the rhythm. (If you’ve ever seen me try to keep a rhythm, this might sound pretty funny to you – but I did it!).

Something also kind of exciting, unexpected and strange: I’m going to be on Korean TV! (I think). I was interviewed by a local news channel on my thoughts about the Global Center, and they recorded all of our classes to create some kind of headline about education in Korea and how we’re helping bring globalization into the classroom. What is it they say? That might be ‘one of the books.’

I have a bit of advice for future EPIK teachers that I hope hits home to someone when they’re pulling their hair out a month or two into their contract: Just keep with it. It will pay off! All the potential BS you may have to deal with is far exceeded by the joy of teaching your first class (almost) completely designed by you.

Some other things I’ve falling in love with this month include:

Buying single beer bottles at the convenience store  The affordability of eating out at Korean restaurants (proven to me by the prices at our local TGI Fridays. Yikes!)  Seeing hard work pay off ✿ Marie TV  Coworkers that GET IT!  Playing the maracas for an audience of Koreans  Living alone  A clean apartment!  A limited wardrobe that forces you to get creative  My makeshift Yoga nook turned into Zen writing space ✿ 


What’s got you buzzing this week?

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  1. I loved your post today. Working with kids is fun. I’m glad you felt rewarded too. Working with non-native speaking kids sounds hard. But again, I’m glad you felt rewarded. I hope you’ll be on tv! 🙂

  2. Sometimes I do love teaching here, it’s good to try to remember those times, I love how cheap Korean food is too. Korea is a pretty great place, glad you’re enjoying it!

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