The best part of living in Florida is the weather. I’m sure very few people can argue with me there, unless you have some sort of grudge against beautiful sunny days and never having to shovel snow out of your drive way. It’s no wonder that I’ve seen these outdoor, boutique style restaurants popping up in every corner. And I’m not talking about the kind that asks as you enter if you prefer to sit inside or outside. I’m talking about the kind of outdoor restaurant that doesn’t have an indoor option.


I took a little trip to Orlando, Florida just about a month ago, and stumbled on Extract Juice & Tapas Bar- meant not for the rain, but for the days when you just can’t bring yourself to miss out on the world. Co-owners Richard, Mike and Stacey have worked hard on Extract, their third restaurant in the United States. They’ve started a trend of chasing the heat from Hawaii, to California and now Central Florida. I had their delicious Ahi nachos and was not disappointing. The first thing I look for when I visit a new restaurant is their beer selection, and I’m happy to report that Extract does not fall short in the craft beer section. Although their options are not many, they’re quality. PLUS, any restaurant that serves drinks in a mason jar has my stamp of approval. Hipster? Maybe. But if that doesn’t have your attention, they also have life-size Jenga, and they serve juice. ¬†Maybe that didn’t help the Hipster argument…

Richard and Mike, hanging by the bar.


Check them out at Hannibal Square if you’re in the area or an Orlando local.

Address: 400 W New England Ave Winter Park, FL 32789, United States

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