MailChimp for WordPress Lite



– CSS reset wasn’t working for WooCommerce checkout sign-up checkbox.
– `mc4wp-submitted` class was not added in IE8
– Incorrect `action` attribute on form element for some server configurations


– Anti-SPAM improvements: a better honeypot field and a timestamp field to prevent instant form submissions.
– Reset `background-image` on submit buttons when using CSS themes
– Smarter email detection when integrating with third-party forms
– Updated all translations


– Custom fallback for browsers not supporting `input[type=”date”]`



– Issue where WooCommerce checkout sign-up was not working for cheque payments.
– Translation were loaded too late to properly translate some strings, like the admin menu items.


– The presence of required list fields in form mark-up is now checked as you type.
– Number fields will now repopulate if an error occurred.
– Updated all translations.
– Make sure there is only one plugin instance.
– Various other code improvements.


– Added support for [GitHub Updater Plugin](
– You can now specify whether you want to send a welcome email (only with double opt-in disabled).

A huge thank you to [Stefan Oderbolz]( for various fixed and improvements related to translations in this release.



– Textual fix as entering “0” for no redirection does not work.


– Moved third-party scripts to their own directory for easier exclusion
– All code is now adhering to the WP Code Standards
– Updated [Dutch, German, Spanish, Hungarian, French, Italian and Turkish translations](


– Now showing a heads up when at limit of 100 MailChimp lists. ([#71](
– Added `wpml-config.xml` file for better WPML compatibility
– Added filter `mc4wp_menu_items` for adding & removing menu items from add-ons


Minor improvements and additions for compatibility with the [MailChimp Sync plugin](



– Plugin wasn’t connecting to MailChimp for users on MailChimp server `us10` (API keys ending in `-us10`)



– Use JS object to transfer lists data to Field Wizard.
– Field Wizard strings are now translatable
– Add `is_spam` method to checkbox integration to battle spam sign-ups
– Minor code & code style improvements
– Updated Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portugese (Brazil) translations


– You can now set `MC_LOCATION`, `MC_NOTES` and `MC_LANGUAGE` from your form HTML
– The submit button now has a default value when generating HTML for it



– “Select at least one list” notice appearing when unselecting any MailChimp list in Form settings
– If an error occurs, textareas will no longer lose their value


– Improved the way form submissions are handled
– Minor code & documentation improvements
– Updated Dutch, French, Portugese and Spanish translations


– Added sign-up checkbox integration for [WooCommerce]( checkout.
– Added sign-up checkbox integration for [Easy Digital Downloads]( checkout.
– The entered email will now be appended to the URL when redirecting to another page



– Fixes onclick event in older versions of IE, props [Simon Schick](


– Updated Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish and Taiwanese translations.
– Some textual improvements.


– {email} shortcode to use in form mark-up.



– Notice in `class-widget.php` when widget options are never saved.


– Added some missing gettext calls so strings can be translated.
– Updated translations



– Notice in `class-mailchimp.php` when fetching lists from MailChimp.



– Fixed `mc4wp_get_current_url()` function for IIS servers using `index.php` in URL’s.
– Nonce verification was failing with aggressive caching
– Only call `is_email()` on strings.


– Minor improvements to memory usage and overall performance
– Improved sanitization for third-party integrations
– Wrapped debug messages for checkbox integrations in gettext calls so they can be translated
– Updated Dutch translations


– Submitted forms now get `mc4wp-form-submitted` CSS class.
– Filter: `mc4wp_cookie_expiration_time` to alter expiration time of email cookie. Defaults to 30 days.
– Hungarian translation, thanks to Németh Balázs
– Partial French translations



– Updated Spanish and Dutch translations
– Fixed missing text domains
– Removed obsolete code in upgrade routine
– All settings are now properly sanitized before being stored.


– Added Slovak language files, thanks to [Henrich Koszegi –](



– Remove `type` attribute from `textarea` elements
– Check for array fields in form when checking presence of required MailChimp list fields


– Added `-webkit-appearance` reset to checkbox CSS
– Updated Italian translations
– Updated links to point to the new [MailChimp for WordPress Pro]( site.
– Don’t use `{response}` tag if form is hidden after successful submissions


– Added official integration with [Events Manager]( Just include a `mc4wp-subscribe` checkbox field and MailChimp for WordPress will do the rest.



– `mc4wp_get_current_url()` now takes ports and the WP site url option into account
– Quicktags buttons were not showing because script was not loaded, now it is.


– Improved CSS reset for the sign-up checkbox
– Added deprecated warning to some functions
– Improvements to third-party forms integration for the sign-up checkbox. Integrating with the [Events Manager]( plugin should work now.
– Updated Dutch translations
– Updated English translations


– Added `mc4wp_form_error_{ERROR_CODE}` action hook to allow hooking into all form errors.
– Added `{response}` tag to allow setting a custom response position
– Added various filters to customize form HTML
– Added German language, thanks to [Jochen Gererstorfer](
– Added Italian language, thanks to [Gianpaolo Rolando](



– Some fields lost its value when a form error occurred


– Minified all CSS and JS files
– Required MailChimp fields are now validated server side as well.
– Birthday and address fields are now automatically formatted in the correct format
– Improved code, memory usage and class documentation


– Brazilian translations, thanks to [Felipe Scuissiatto of Evonline](
– `mc4wp_form_messages` filter to register custom error messages
– `mc4wp_form_message_position` filter to set position of error messages (before or after fields)
– Option to set the text for when a required field is missing



– Ignore Captcha fields in sign-up data
– Updated Spanish translations
– Minor improvements to Admin and MailChimp API class
– Show field tag and required status in Lists overview table


– Add visitor IP address to sign-up data



– Double sign-up requests for checkbox sign-ups


– Reset checkbox label in default CSS for improved theme compatibility
– Improved checkbox integration classes
– Optimised function to retrieve the current URL


– Added `{language}` text variable to print the current site language.
– Added merge tag names to list overview table



– Fixed undefined index notice in Contact Form 7 integration class


– Reset form width in all stylesheets



– Fix fatal error when using `mc4wp_checkbox()` function
– No more double API request when integrating with Contact Form 7


– Template functions are now always loaded when needed
– A warning will now show when required fields are missing in the form mark-up
– Required form classes can no longer be accidentally removed
– Various checkbox integration improvements
– Various CSS improvements to colored form themes
– Updated Spanish translations



– Allowed translation of more strings in the settings screens.
– Added Spanish translations, thanks [Paul Benitez – Tecnofilos](
– Minor code improvements


– Saving forms without an `EMAIL` field or submit button will show a notice.



– CSS is now served as static CSS instead of being served through PHP.
– The anti-spam honeypot is now added to the sign-up checkbox as well.
– Improved object-oriented code architecture and better class documentation
– Better CSS reset for the various form themes to increase theme compatibility
– Added class autoloading to the plugin
– Various minor code improvements


– You can now add a captcha field to your sign-up forms by installing the [BWS Captcha]( plugin and using `[captcha]` inside your form mark-up.
– All settings pages are now fully translatable. The plugin has just 2 translations available yet (`en_US` and `nl_NL`) so if you’re good at translating, please send me your language pack for the plugin.
– You can now use tab indentation in the form markup textarea



– ‘call to undefined function’ when using Avia Layout Builder
– “Already subscribed” message never showing



– Fixed special characters in group names not working
– Fixed BIRTHDAY field format (mm/dd)


– Moved away from Singleton pattern
– Added a code version number for upgrade routines
– Better class documentation
– MailChimp cached data improvements. Now showing subscriber count.
– Base form CSS improvements, added vertical-align to field elements and removed padding from paragraph elements.
– Updated Placeholders.js for old IE versions


* Fixed: Honeypot textarea showing in some themes
* Improved: Plugin will automatically strip duplicate `

` tags from form mark-up
* Improved: Better code documentation
* Improved: Code is now more adhering to WP code standards
* Improved: Add custom error type to error message filter to allow developers to show custom error messages
* Improved: Plugin will now show detailed errors for failed API requests (up to HTTP level)
* Improved: Better way of loading plugin files


* Fixed: Field generator only generating text fields
* Fixed: Now using correct deactivation hook
* Improved: Plugin now fully compatible with custom folder names


* Fixed: “Add to form” button not working


* Fixed: Undefined constant notice on admin pages
* Fixed: “Add to form mark-up” button not working with CKEditor for WordPress
* Improved: Cleaned-up Admin JS
* Improved: You can now use `[mc4wp_checkbox]` inside your CF7 email templates
* Improved: You can now add `default:1` or `default:0` to the CF7 shortcode to check or uncheck the sign-up checkbox.


* Improved: Improved direct file access security
* Improved: Now using native WP function to catch SSL requests
* Improved: Changed `call` method in API class to public.
* Added: Filter to edit the required capability to access settings pages
* Added: Filter to edit form action
* Added: Filters to allow extra form validation, like a captcha field.
* Added: Added `get_member_info` and `list_has_subscriber` method to API class.


* Fixed: Having to submit form twice for some www-hosts.
* Improved: Scroll to form now waits until page has completely loaded


* Added: BIRTHDAY fields will now be formatted in the DD/MM format automatically
* Added: The plugin will now try to automatically format ADDRESS fields.
* Added: Form fields will now keep their value when a validation error occurs
* Improved: Cache headers for CSS file
* Improved: Added notice when no lists selected and using sign-up checkboxes
* Improved: Various code improvements
* Fixed: Error when activating Pro with the Lite plugin still activated.
* Fixed: BuddyPress & MultiSite checkbox not automatically added


* Fixed: “bug” that fetched lists again on every plugin settings page – huge performance improvements on the settings pages.
* Improved: Longer cache time for combined CSS file.
* Improved: Prevented indexing of plugin directories
* Improved: Improved default checkbox CSS for themes that have custom checkbox styling.
* Improved: Better scroll to form element after form submit. Vertically centers form element with and without jQuery now. No ugly page jump.
* Improved: WP 3.8 Admin CSS compatibility and other improvements to settings pages, especially for small(er) screens.


* Fixed: Checkbox width not being reset when loading default CSS.
* Improved: Minor security improvement to prevent some plugin files from being accessed directly.


* Fixed: Incorrect invalid email address notice showing up every time.
* Fixed: Incorrect form action url for some servers.


* Fixed: FNAME and LNAME not being guessed from NAME for form sign-ups.
* Added: very small JavaScript fallback for placeholders in older browsers (<= IE9)
* Improved: removed limit from the lists retreived from MailChimp, for users with more than 25 lists.
* Improved: added current page URL to form action attribute for people using `` url’s.
* Improved: removed the sidebar from the admin pages on small screens
* Improved: various usability improvements
* Improved: minor improvements to default CSS styles
* Improved: added various action and filter hooks to the form sign-up process


* Improved: added filter hook `mc4wp_lists` to customize lists before sending request to MailChimp.
* Improved: added empty `index.php` files to directories to prevent directory listings


* Improved: Minor textual improvements in settings pages
* Improved: Security improvement, plugin file can’t be access directly anymore
* Added: GPL license to plugin files


* Fixed: Grouping data not being sent to MailChimp when using sign-up forms.


* Added: default form CSS themes, choose between light, red, green, blue or dark form styling.
* Added: filter to add more variables to Checkbox Sign-Ups.
* Improved: more fields unlocked in “add field” tool when editing forms.
* Improved: smarter auto-detection of name fields when integrating with third-party forms like Contact Form 7


* Fixed: bug when calling MailChimp API for PHP 5.2
* Improved: better default form CSS
* Improved: Combined checkbox and form stylesheets into 1 file and encouraged browser caching.


* Added: Form widget
* Added: Smooth scroll to form element after form submission (if jQuery loaded)
* Improved: Added and removed some buttons from QTags editor toolbar
* Improved: Some UI improvements
* Improved: Optimized integration with third-party forms like Contact Form 7


* Fixed `undefined function mc4wp_replace_variables` fatal error when using Quick Cache plugin.


* Improved: code performance improvements
* Improved: added `mc4wp_get_form()` for an easier shortcode callback. Useful to [add a sign-up form to the end of your posts](
* Improved default CSS
* Improved: checkbox debug message only shows to WP Administrators when JavaScript is disabled
* Added: form nonce for better security
* Fix: CSS issue where the form caused a huge sidebar gap in some themes.


* Fixed: bug where some MailChimp fields were not showing in the field wizard / add field tool.


* Fixed sending extra list fields when integrating with third-party forms like Contact Form 7


* Improved: total revamp of the form field wizard, many improvements.
* Improved: some textual improvements in the setting pages
* Added: debug message to sign-up checkbox for WP administrators


* Improved: updated to MailChimp 2.0 API
* Improved: now using custom light-weight API class using the WordPress HTTP API.
* Improved: huge performance improvements on admin settings pages
* Improved: usability and responsiveness of form settings page
* Improved: clean-up

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