Colorful Fall

This is the first time in my life I’ve lived somewhere that has four seasons, and guys, I’m so excited! I’m obsessed with the leaves changing, the colors of the earth, the sky, the trees. I just can’t get enough. I had a lot of expectations for Korea, but I never expected it to be this beautiful. I’d like to take you on a fall foliage tour of South Korea in pictures.

Fall Leaves

I’m pleasantly surprised with the natural, easy poetry of mother nature that I’ve found in this country. I can’t quite put what I mean into words… and photos hardly do it justice… but I’m going to try.

Fall Trees

Images can’t capture the leaves playing in the wind, or the silent but drastic shift between fall and winter.

Fall In The City

In Korea, there’s an intriguing marriage between nature and cityscapes. One is never far from the other.

Fall Foliage

I’ve been learning to see the world from a new angle.


Looking down reminds me that a new season is approaching.

I Love You

I’m learning to understand a familiar phrase in a new way when I think about my life here.


We even started a girl band; I’m the lead vocalist. (Just Kidding).


What’s your favorite season of the year? Do the leaves change colors in your corner of the world?


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  1. I completely get what you mean about the harmony with nature! Before living in Korea, I never felt so in touch with nature, the seasons and even agriculture. I love that you know what is in season because it turns up repeatedly on your school lunch tray!
    If you love fall there, you will LOVE spring 🙂

    1. I, unfortunately, don’t get a school lunch, but I know what you mean by the ajumma’s baskets on the side of the street! It would be a nice little profile: Korean seasons as told by street vendors. Book idea!

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