It’s not a moment that felt appropriate to Instagram.

If I had to guess, I’d count 8 fully ingested tickers.

In a word, I’d describe them as subsistent, as in, ‘the only muscle that subsists after death’; it really is the only organ that works continuously.

In comparison, they tasted like chubby, seasoned muscles.

Pressed into the anatomy of a taco, they continued to remain fully intact with ventricles and atriums.

Before I lose you down this path…

Let me clarify that I tasted chicken hearts. Actually, I ate the heck out of two chicken heart tacos and I feel a little bad about it. This is the confession of my sin… But is it really a sin? It sure felt like it as I chewed, slightly enjoying the texture and flavor, and likewise growing over-aware of what I continued to put into my mouth. Bite after bite I expected to detect something different, or at least feel an evolution of emotions. Unfortunately, the remorse has yet to leave me.

Walk through this with me:

I stared at a menu filled with delicious choices within the Korean-style Mexican cuisine category, and somehow feasted my eyes on chicken heart tacos. I asked myself going in, “can I do this?” And then I decided to go with a mantra we seem to live by these days, “You’re only in Korea Once!” So now I’m left with a gut full of chicken hearts, and a heart full of melancholy. (That’s really what they’re feeding you: sadness.) Why did I do it?

 Perhaps I’m Being a Touch Over Dramatic

When I think about it logically, I realize that it’s better to eat the entire animal than to let vital parts of it go to waste. Right? Tell me you agree with me so I can ease my ache…

Taking a closer look, I’ve learned that chicken hearts are actually a very good source of protein, vitamin B, riboflavin, zinc, iron and selenium. Not to mention that they are very low in fat and calories if you eat one portion, which is roughly 6-8 hearts. If you weren’t on my side before, are you now?

All jest aside, I’m not really sure if I want you on my side. I may have acquired a new experience I’ll tell long after this adventure ends to make way for a new one, but I certainly won’t forget the feeling of unease. The thought of eating chicken seems so normal, and yet the thought of eating chicken hearts conjures images of blood pumping through, well, a beating heart.

How do you feel about this rather controversial dish? Would you try it if you’re in, or ever make your way, to a country that serves it nonchalantly?


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