My entire life I’ve been incredibly anxious to see new places, experience intricate cuisine and try foreign liquors like ouzo or mamajuana. However, I’’ve been wandering my own city aimlessly, never really appreciating it for all it has to offer. I think most of us do this subconsciously: we wake up, spend time in our homes, maybe run around our neighborhood, drive to work, drive to the store and have a regular restaurant we frequent. Here’s the thing though – do we go out of our way to really get to know the city we live in? Every Thursday I’ll be writing a review/overview/synopsis/rendition of my experience from visiting a new place in my own city, wherever that may be. Stay tuned, because it’s time I get fully acquainted with my very own back yard. I’d love it if you’d join me if you just so happen to be in the South Florida area!

This week’s place was an easy pick because my company chose it for me. Last night we had our annual holiday extravaganza filled with love, presents, karaoke, delicious food, lots of pictures and most importantly, an open bar. We went to D’Angelo Trattoria in Delray Beach, Florida where they closed off the entire restaurant for our luncheon/early dinner party. It was truly lovely, and I encourage you to visit if you’re near Delray. Typically they’re only open for dinner, so it’s the perfect place for intimate occasions like a first date or an anniversary. The restaurant is quite small, but they offer indoor and outdoor seating, have a fully equipped wine cellar and dim lighting. The staff was extremely pleasant, always attentive and had lots of energy.

If you’re a fan of Italian this is the perfect place for you with a menu filled with old world Italian dishes. It’s right off of Atlantic Avenue, which is really the heart of Delray if you’ve never been here before. Typically what we call the Ave is rambunctious and alive with music and lots of people walking the streets. D’Angelos has the luxury of remaining a bit hidden, making it a true treasure to experience not too far away from all of the action. We really had a great time. See for yourself:







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