Coffee5Hey guys! I have the best news today… I can hardly contain my overwhelming excitement about this one. I got to write for the elegant and fabulous Chasing Glitter! It’s all about craft beer, and most importantly, it’s about craft beer in South Florida. Judith, thanks so much for having me. Everybody go check out her e-magazine and show her some love.

I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy my brewski. Beer is so distinct all over the world, and craft breweries are really taking over the market and developing notoriety for being extra delicious. Perhaps it’s a hipster trend that will fade, but I think good beer is product of an artisan, and Florida is steaming with great flavours. I’ll be writing a bi-monthly post touching on my new favorite craft beer of the month, or place to grab a bite and a brew.

Today, I want to spotlight one of my absolute favorite places to grab a drink after work. It’s a coffee shop by day, and one of the finest craft beer watering holes in the area: Coffee District. Most people visit Delray Beach to get crazy on The Ave, or hang out at the beach bars by the coast. After living in the area for over a year, I’ve quickly learned that the best locations are actually the ones floating around in alleys and side streets. Some don’t even have signs, which clearly means, “Tourists stay away!” So if you are a tourist, stay tuned for some inside scoops on Delray, because the best way to enjoy any place is to see if from the perspective of a local.


The neat thing about Coffee District is that it doubles as a coffee shop and a bar. The bar tenders are extremely savvy on their craft brew. I’m a big fan of the Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine – it’s a 15%! It’s a nice brown brew with distinct barley flavor and a hint of sour… (Keep in mind, I’m no expert, I just know what I like). This last time I dropped by it was taken out of their rotation, but the rest of their list is not any less superior. Check it out:




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