Climbing the CN Tower and Conquering Fears

Doesn’t that make you just a wee bit dizzy? It’s mystifying to see in person, as well… and even more knee quivering to experience from the top. Last week I conquered a fear: heights. (Okay, maybe it’s not quite conquered, but I’m certainly 1,122 feet closer!). During my two week trip to the beautiful cosmopolitan city that is Toronto, […]

What I Found In… Toronto

Visiting Toronto has been an experience! I’m happy to be here for a lot of reasons, starting with seeing this boy…. Somewhere in between lies discovering all the delicious food that Toronto has to offer… Plus, very high on the list, is the fact that Toronto is such a vibrant and fashion forward city… I […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: Coffee District

  Hey guys! I have the best news today… I can hardly contain my overwhelming excitement about this one. I got to write for the elegant and fabulous Chasing Glitter! It’s all about craft beer, and most importantly, it’s about craft beer in South Florida. Judith, thanks so much for having me. Everybody go check out her […]