I Want Much More Than This Provincial Life, So I Decided to Travel

I may not have grown up in a small or rural town, but the sentiment stands true… I want more than what I’ve been conditioned for through higher education, years of perfecting my resume, and jobs I couldn’t wait to quit. Forgive me right here and right now, because it was due to a list […]

How to be cool with where you are, even if you have no clue where you’re going

My friends might laugh when they read this. I’m the ultimate “not cool girl.” I’m great at making awkward situations even more uncomfortable, and I take every decision I ever make way too seriously. Things like leaving the house on time (even though I’m always late) and not sleeping enough stress me out. In college […]

The Art of Uncomfort-Ability: Manouvering the Stages of Living Abroad

There was an incident one morning: in the middle of filming a small commercial for our global center, an elderly man began screaming what sounded like profanities in Korean (I can’t be too sure). He shook his fist in the air, expanding the curve of his back to appear larger and, presumably, more féroce. We were blocking […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Korea Part II

Every week I write a little bit about life in Korea, specifically the good parts. Find more posts about what I absolutely love about Korea here.  Today I have an immense amount of gratitude for the place I’m at in Korea. It hasn’t been easy getting here, as it never is when you move your […]

We Have the Power: My Response to The Brain on 23

I was recently linked to an article titled The Brain on 23 by Molly Sprayregen on the Huffington Post, and as I was reading I had such a profound reaction that I felt like I needed to form some kind of response. My instinct was to write a quick Facebook comment back, but I didn’t think that […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Korea Part I

One of the things no one tells you about moving abroad is that it’s hard. Everyone’s experience is different, but personally I think it’s the type of hard that makes you forget why you picked up and moved in the first place… There’s few people I know who haven’t felt this at least once in […]

Honeymoon Stage in South Korea

In 3 weeks I have been: overwhelmed by the Daegu smell on the streets and in my apartment, pushed by an Ajusshi (elderly man) in the subway, angrily yelled at by a store clerk, lost in the heat for over 2 hours, the accidental consumer of chicken hearts, heard unknowingly cursing in the grocery store […]

Fernweh: The Tugging in my Belly

There’s something common among travelers… an aire of dissatisfaction, a mouth-watering craving, a constant yearning. I was reading a travel blog I came across recently, Geckos Tales, where he wrote about “24 Words That Describe Travel Better Than You Thought Possible.” It’s true; most of these words seem to embody my spirit in one form or […]

Greece Travel Tips: My First Solo Adventure

Okay so, Greece. Oh, sweet Greece. I had so much hope for you. I dreamt of your beaches, and striking sceneries. I read Lonely Planet front to back TWICE. I googled, and encyclopedia’d (ok, maybe I didn’t encyclopedia). And then… I met you. You, with your historical brick-lined streets; you, with your breath taking views […]