What’s it Like to Eat a Heart?

It’s not a moment that felt appropriate to Instagram. If I had to guess, I’d count 8 fully ingested tickers. In a word, I’d describe them as subsistent, as in, ‘the only muscle that subsists after death’; it really is the only organ that works continuously. In comparison, they tasted like chubby, seasoned muscles. Pressed […]

Attitude of Gratitude: Korea Part I

One of the things no one tells you about moving abroad is that it’s hard. Everyone’s experience is different, but personally I think it’s the type of hard that makes you forget why you picked up and moved in the first place… There’s few people I know who haven’t felt this at least once in […]

Terrible Travel Guides Make Great Friends

We booked our trip to the west coast of South Korea for our very first weekend getaway. We saw stars illuminating the sky, sunrises creeping up over mountains, clear waters and tall trees; all things we were surrounded by on this magical weekend, (sometimes) under the sun. We can think of it as a positive […]

The South Korean Peninsula: Photo & Video Essay

As I was putting together Monday’s recap of Island Hopping Off The Beaten Path, I was mesmerized by how beautiful South Korean Peninsula photos I accumulated. My photography skills might not quite do it justice, but they’re the closes thing I have to placing you in front of South Koreas glowing western coast, right beside […]

Island Hopping in South Korea: Floating Mountains & Distant Ships

This post is part of my Bucket List Challenge series. I’ll be completing all 15 things on my bucket list over the next year; join me in the adventure during my time as an EPIK teacher in South Korea! Follow my blog with Bloglovin As soon as I felt the breeze in my hair, I knew I […]

5 Ways to Make New Friends in South Korea

Today’s post is written for the Reach To Teach, Teach Abroad, Blog Carnival. I’ll be participating in their monthly series focused on providing helpful tips and advice to ESL teachers from all over the world. You can catch it here on the 5th of every month. The host for October is Reach To Teach themselves! […]

Korean Street Food: A Culinary Adventure in Photos

I‘m all about the food in South Korea, as you can tell from my School Lunch Project ;). (That was a joke)… but after yesterday, I thought I’d give you the highlights on what kind of food is actually delicious. There’s so much to explore and (most of it) will make your taste buds explode […]

My South Korean School Lunch Project

Trying new food is typically AMAZING; I’m sure all you food lovers out there can relate. When I found out I got accepted to teach English in South Korea, one of the main things I immediately looked forward to was trying Korean food. I’d eat that live octopus and triumph in front of my co-teachers! […]

15 Things To Do in South Korea: The Ultimate Guide for EPIK Teachers

There are 52 weeks, 365 days, and 8 765.81277 hours in a year. As EPIK teachers, that’s all the time we know for certain we have available to see and do all the things we want in South Korea. How do we make the most of it? I decided to make a bucket list of 15 […]

Chimeak Adventures: Did We Eat Maggots!?

We left the restaurant with a little pump in our chests. Earlier in the evening we had set out to find 치맥 (chimaek or chicken & beer), but somehow grew more and more lost along the way. We invaded local’s personal space on the streets of Beomeo Station, searching for anyone who knew even the […]