Portraits Around the World: Spotting a Maiko in Kyoto

Every week I post a new portrait of a person that’s radiating with a touch of magic. Sometimes these pictures capture a look that’s a little haunting, other times they take a peek into the every day life of people from different parts of the world. This one right here is, by far, my favorite. To see more Portraits Around the World, click here.

We got lucky. I mean, tremendously lucky. The day had gotten away from us, and as we laid in our hostel bunk beds, contemplating putting our feet through the pain of another mile of walking, I couldn’t help but feel like this night was the night. I wanted, more than anything, to see a Geisha. I think I willed the planets to almost align just right. They sent us a Maiko, instead.

We hadn’t even made it to Gion yet when we spotted a crowd of people suddenly snapping pictures. She was like a celebrity, no doubt. I did my best to maneuver my way in and get at least one shot, but I instantly felt humiliated. I can’t quite describe the look on her face. Perhaps it’s part of the job – remaining emotionless while in public. That’s probably the best way to describe it… she showed no reaction. Despite the group of people that had formed, gawking at her. Regardless of the man who ran across the street in front of her to try and get the ‘perfect’ picture. She just stared straight ahead and went about her business.

This was a lucky shot.


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  1. Miriam
    February 5, 2016

    She is not a Maiko, she is a Geisha.
    Maikos have more bright colors in their kimonos and many more accessories on their hair.
    Actually is more likely to see a Maiko so you were incredibly lucky to see a Geisha instead.

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