Portraits Around the World: From the Back of a Moto

Every week (or at least that’s the goal) I tell the story behind a photograph featuring the portrait of a person or two that made me look twice. It’s the kind of picture I would have regretted not snapping. Sometimes they’re about capturing a moment, other times they’re about the story that surrounds it. To see more Portraits Around the World, click here.

So much of my photography has been taught to me by my father. Even when I don’t realize it, he’s teaching me about composition, how to appreciate each moment, and most of all, how to see the beauty in the unexpected.

These two chamacos were there one instant and then gone the next. “Get it, right now, or you’ll miss it!” He said. I had to move quickly, and this is what happened.

On the streets of La Zona Colonial, Republica Dominicana.


Dominican Republic

Which picture is your favorite?

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