Dominican Republic, Thank You For a Wonderful Holiday!

Mi Querida Republica Dominicana (My Dearest Dominican Republic),

Your beauty is incomparable in a way that drills past your blue waters and palm tree canopies into your center and core. Somehow, your charms seem to out way your short comings. Every time I grow angry with you, one look into your eyes and I fall in love all over again. I see you, and my eagerness to reach you forces me to jump into a moving vehicle and speed down alley ways, rebasando all who stand in my way. Because you’re worth it, and the whirlwind of car crashes means nothing compared to this need to touch you.

Quisqueya La Bella, you’re a living, breathing speck of disaster and magnificence splashing against the shores of Caribbean salt and water. A cloud of chaotic happiness hovers over your people; my family. You’re my roots, and now I finally understand.

I was lucky enough to see DR from the perspective of my Dominican mother, and my Father, a self proclaimed Sanchero, who knows this Island better than most natives. Some highlights of my trip were: Christmas mass in the Cathedral of Santa Mara la Menor, the oldest cathedral in the Americas; a relaxing two day trip to Las Terrenas in the Samana province; and New Years in Puerto Plata where we saw fire works on the beach and danced on a roof top bar while it drizzled warm Caribbean rain. What is your perspective of the Dominican Republic? 










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