I Won a Liebster Award! – On Languages, How I Travel, and my Superfandom Confession

A couple of weeks back I got some news that I thought was pretty exciting – I won a Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

Thanks a ton to Sonja from breadcrumbs guide for the ‘nomination.’ It’s quite the honor! And in her words can I just say, “Yay!” and also  “Umm… What the #&@% is that?”

So… What is a Liebster Award?

It’s an award or nomination given to newbie bloggers by fellow bloggers as a sort of ‘welcome to the blogging world!’ exclamation. Was that confusing? Let me try again. It’s basically a thumbs up from your peers, and it’s a great way for readers to get to know new and up and coming bloggers on the worldwide web. That last part, though, that’s what makes the Liebster Award cool as heck.

The truth is that I was actually nominated a while back by Mikaela from A Place Like Me in a Girl Like This – Thank you time’s a million as well, Mikaela!

I decided it was about time I got around to answering these Liebster Award questions and handing down the nomination to another group of awesome bloggers.

What Are the Rules?

The rules of the Libester Award differ depending on the blogger. I used the following rules:

  1. You get nominated by someone. The best part! Thanks again ladies.
  2. You google Liebster Award and find out that it’s a pretty common award for new bloggers, and a nice welcome to the blogging world.
  3. You accept the award and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you, then post them on your blog. In light of the fact that I wanted to combine both of these nominations, I put together the questions asked by both bloggers.
  4. You nominate 5 new bloggers for the Liebster Award and write 11 new and unique questions you would like them to answer.
  5. Congratulate the new nominees through social media and spread the kindness!


11 Questions:

1. Why do you write?

I should spend some time thinking about this more in depth, but I guess it’s just something I’ve always done. I have journals and stories and poems saved in my parent’s house from the moment I learned to form sentences. I remember having an assignment in third grade and I wrote a story about a dog that was twice as long as everyone else’s.

The simple answer is that I can’t help myself. The more in-depth answer is that I think ideas and emotions are important. It’s how I express myself the best, and it helps me grow as a person and work through things in my life. I can only hope that writing about my struggles and experiences can help someone else grow, too.

2. What is your favorite travel quote?

I’m not sure if this counts a ‘travel quote,’ per say, but it’s definitely how I want to feel while I travel. It makes me realize that I can go anywhere and do anything, and there’s nothing as simple as where I’m standing that can hold me back.

“Feet. Why do I need you if I have wings to fly?” – Friday Kahlo 
Frida Kahlo Quote

3. What languages do you speak?

I’m a native English and Spanish speaker. I also know survival Korean, which means I can order beer (almost) fluently.

4. What three blogs inspire you the most?

I read so many blogs I can hardly keep up. I’d have to say my top three blogs in the three genres I read the most are:

Travel: Alex in Wanderland

Lifestyle: Yes & Yes – Because Yes is More Fun Than No!

Photography: Lost in Cheeseland

5. How would you describe your travel style?

My ‘travel style’ has changed dramatically as I grow older. Before, it was just kind of engrained in me. I wasn’t really consciously traveling, it was just something I did with my family and friends and in the countries I lived in. I went to Greece with my best friend in 2011, carried a 50lb suitcase the entire time, did no research (don’t tell my Dad), and barely documented the trip. That is not how I travel anymore.

In a nutshell I’d say I’m a quality over quantity girl. I’d rather go to fewer countries and see more. I like to try new activities, like rock climbing or cooking classes. I need lots of r&r time, so if I’m taking a long trip like my upcoming two months in Southeast Asia, I need to make time for rest. I like to take pictures, so I definitely need to be with people who are also interested in taking 25 minutes to capture one shot, or I’d rather just go on my own.


Hanging in at the Acropolis

6. What trip or experience got your travel addiction started?

I’ve been traveling my whole life, but I suppose this big trip to Korea made me realize that it’s feasible to do long term. The world is so much smaller than it seems at first glance. I won’t be as nervous for my next big trip and I know I’ll be more likely to take a chance when it comes to seeing the world.

7. Are you a superfan of someone? Who is it? Be honest.

I’m a superfan of so many people. Right now, though, I’m basically stalking Marie Forleo. If you’re a woman (or anyone, really) and interested in business, specifically running your own business online, Marie is your best friend. I watch all her videos.

8. You have $10,000 to spend on travel. Do you do a bare-bones budget for a year OR one blow-out vacation to an exotic destination?

I would pick something in between (is that allowed?). I know $10,000 is way too little for a whole year, at least for me it is. However, luxury isn’t exactly my thing. Maybe I’d take the money and spread it out to take different trips throughout the year, or take one big vacation for a couple of months and use up the entire $10K without splurging too much, but without having to think about it, either.

9. If you could be transported to any place right now, where would you go?

Dominican Republic! My family is there right now, without me. Not cool. My niece is going swimming in the ocean for the first time! I really wish there was a machine that could teleport me right this instant.


10. Go-to airport snack to perk you up?

Mixed nuts! As long as they have dried cranberries.

11. Traveling is great, but where do you feel most at home?

Surprisingly, I feel the most at home in Puerto Rico. I may not ever live there long-term again, but I guess that’s where I go to do all the ‘real life’ things we all have to do. It’s where my parents live (technically), It’s where my childhood bedroom is, It’s where my cats are, and It’s where my dentist is. I know all the roads in my neighborhood and I have a favorite restaurant. The owner’s nephew even went to high school with me. I guess Puerto Rico is as close to home as it comes for me.

That’s it! Those are my questions.

liebster award


Now I Nominate….

Escape for Reason –  Kory is a blogger of the travel fashion variety. Her pictures are nothing short of amazing. I’m in love with all of her posts. She’s also a South African expat living in South Korea and has a very unique eye of the world.

World Walker Magazine – My friend Michelle and her boyfriend Matthew are two South African’s living in Korea. They write about their experiences living abroad, with a twist. From soju hangover cures to travel guides of islands I’ve never heard of, their blog is quite the inspiration.

Chasing Glitter – Judith was one of my very first blogger friends, and I’m happy to say that we’ve kept in touch over the last couple of years (time flies!). She currently lives in Taiwan and runs a lifestyle blog focused on inspiring women to see the world and step out of their comfort zone.

Linda Living in China – I just came across Linda’s blog about her experience living in China and now in Korea. She gives lots of practical information about the process.

The Neverending Wanderlust – Lindsay is a photographer turned teacher, and now blogger also living in South Korea. I know, there’s a pattern here. I love bloggers based in Korea! She’s an awesome picture-taker and has lots of information on life as an expat.

My Questions for You Are…

1. What was the first country you ever traveled to outside of your own?

2. Is there a book you read over and over? What is it?

3. What is your favorite vacation that you have ever been on?

4. How do you stay occupied on long flights?

5. Do you have a favorite travel accessory?

6. What do you do to combat homesickness?

7. Do you prefer to travel or live abroad?

8. What is your most memorable culture shock experience?

9. What part of blogging do you enjoy most (eg: the community, photography, writing, etc…)?

10. What activity have you not done yet that you’re dying to do? 

11. Describe the biggest lessons you’ve learned from traveling in 3 words (buahaha).

Don’t forget to tag me in your post so I can read all of your answers, too.


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  1. Yay! Congrats again, Neysha! It was really fun reading your responses. Just signed up for Marie Forleo’s email list 🙂

    If you figure out how to teleport to the Dominican Republic, would you take me with you? That photo looks so peaceful.

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