A Hidden Shoe Shop in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

One of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling is SHOP! I look for hidden roads with little boutiques, vintage stores, jewelry stands; really, anything I can get my hands on. I even love the big crowded markets where you get swept away by waves of people. Walking down the street one day in The Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, I came across this intricate store with yarn and shoes hanging from the walls. I walked in and was immediately swept away by the creativity and love that shined through this little shoe shop in Santo Domingo.

La Alpargateria…

La Alpargateria4

Passion vibrates through the walls

Right away, I knew something about this place felt special. I actually walked in, took a look around, and came back with cash and a camera to purchase my new shoes as soon as possible. After discussing all the possibilities and options with the shop owner, who was nothing short of sweet and welcoming, I learned that she made each and every shoe from scratch. With her own two hands, she would create the tops of each shoe and sew them onto the soles, which were imported from Spain. You get to choose your own pattern, or the color of the cloth you prefer, and within a couple of days she has a unique pair of shoes ready to go that are taylormade to fit you exactly! How amazing is that?

La Alpargateria3

La Alpargateria2

Choosing My Design

They had these beautiful wedges made in all sorts of textiles – floral’s, ch… It was really hard to not buy them all, honestly. Unfortunately, I was about a month away from moving to South Korea and trying my best to downsize in unnecessary things (especially clothes and accessories!). I picked up a pair of their flats, perfect for site seeing. They’ve been with me across the globe at this point: on the sands of Puerto Rico, up to Canada looking down from the CN Tower, on a road trip stretching through Ft. Lauderdale, Florida all the way to Washington DC, then on the coasts of the Jersey Shore, and finally to ‘The Land of the Morning Calm.’

Shoe Shop in Santo Domingo

La Alpargateria1

My little green shoes are worn out, beaten and torn at this point. It’s time to replace them, but they’ve lasted me a good long while.

La Alpargateria7

If you find yourself in La Zona Colonial (the Colonial City), make sure you stop by and visit La Alpargateria, and pick up a pair of your own.

Directions / Dirección: Calle Salomé Ureña #59, Santo Domingo, República Dominiacana

Phone Number/ Teléfono: (809) 221-3158

Hours / Horario: 4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Martes-Domingo

Disclaimer: I felt it necessary to mention that this is in no way a sponsored post. Santo Domingo is a city that is very close to my heart, and it’s extremely important to support local business. If you have the chance to see the city and even contribute to La Alpargateria, I’d love to hear your experience! All opinions are my own, as they should be.

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