What I Found In… Toronto

Visiting Toronto has been an experience! I’m happy to be here for a lot of reasons, starting with seeing this boy….


Somewhere in between lies discovering all the delicious food that Toronto has to offer…


Plus, very high on the list, is the fact that Toronto is such a vibrant and fashion forward city…


I was explicitly told to leave room in my suitcase for shopping; man I wish I’d listened. To be honest, I wasn’t able to actually purchase as much as I wanted to, mainly because I’m trying to save for South Korea (booring, I know). Also, because how in heavens name am I supposed to take all of the things I already own with me to the other side of the world? So, I did a lot of window perusing, and picked up a few (small, and packable) lovely things along the way.

Kensington Market has been my favorite place to find eccentricities. Weaving between vintage stores and independent boutiques, seeing all the graffiti splattered across the walls, and smelling everything from grilled cheese to Jamaican pies in the air… what’s not to love? I’ll have to be honest; I’ve been told that it’s not the “cleanest” of places, as stated by local friends. However, I disregarded the warnings and took my chances. Check out what I found!







The best thing about Kensington is that it’s really affordable. I only spent about $40. So, what do you think?

How do you think I should wear my new accessories?



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  1. I wish I had more fashion sense, but I know I could never pull any of that off! I bet they look super cute on you, though. 🙂 Great finds!!

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