How to do Disneyland in Anaheim Right

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There are a lot of reasons to visit the well-known city of Anahaeim, California. Maybe you’re looking to see L.A., but prefer less hustle and bustle (a.k.a traffic). Perhaps you want to be that much closer to the beach. My favorite reason to visit, though, is sprinkled with a little more magic…

It’s the home of a famous mouse, known to be the happiest place on earth, and full of memories. You guessed it: DISNEYLAND! The thing with planning a crazy vacation like a Disney Vacation, though, is that it can be way more stressful than relaxing. How do you combat the anxiety when you’re trying to make sure everything’s perfect? Here’s a few tips on how to do Anaheim the right way.

Choose the best hotel

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The key to a great vacation is choosing a great hotel. Hotels near the Anaheim Convention Center make it really easy to get around, head to the coast, or see the attractions near by.

The Convention Center is so close to the Disneyland Main Transportation Center that you can actually walk to it less than 30 minutes. I don’t know about you, but I like my attractions to be walking distance.

Plan Your Must-See’s Ahead of Time

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It’s no secret that I’m friends with a little (big eared) Mouse in Orlando, Florida, but seeing all of the Disney locations is a big dream of mine. Hong Kong, Paris, all of them! Even I have to admit, though, that there’s a lot more to see in Anaheim other than just Disneyland.

If you’re traveling with family or friends, this one is especially important. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page. There’s the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, home of the local baseball, which is definitely worth a visit. Do you only want to visit Disneyland or do you plan on adding Disney California Adventure Park to the list? Being so close to a city like L.A. makes the desire to visit a site as iconic as the Hollywood Sign worth a listen. What will you do? Make a plan in advance so that there’s no arguing or time wasting while you’re on vaca.

Don’t Skip Downtown


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As much as you’ll want to accommodate for all of the family and friends on your trip, this is a non-negotiable. One of the charms of Anaheim is its small-town feel. One of the things you definitely don’t want to miss doing is strolling through the revitalized downtown of the city. There are little shops to explore, delicious restaurants to try, and plenty of people watching.

Nightlife Means Entertainment

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Nearby is The City National Grove of Anaheim, which is one of the coolest venues around and often features great musicians and artists. Since you’ll be staying close to the Convention Center, there are plenty of shows to catch in the area, as well. Whatever you do, definitely plan to do something fun once the sun goes down (that’s not Disney related!).

This article was brought to you by InterContinental Hotels Group and IHG, but all opinions are my own.

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