To Die For Californian Boutique Hotels

Planning a trip to California? By now you’re probably a wee bit overwhelmed. The Golden State is, after all, the third largest state in the United States. Where do you start? One of the best ways to plan your trip around Cali is to consider the best, most relaxing or most interesting accommodations that can act as guides for your trip.

There are five boutique hotels in particular scattered around the State that are so cute, quaint and worth a visit you’ll want to book more than a one night stay. Consider these great locations with five to die for Californian boutique hotels:

Check Out Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara

Img by: Leah Scott-Kirby

There are a lot of reasons to visit Santa Barbara, California. From the breathtaking waterfront to the beautiful Spanish inspired architecture, this chill beach town has so much to offer it’s hard to find a place to start.

One thing is for sure: you’ll want to find a great place to stay that encompasses all that this coastal town has to offer. The Spanish Garden Inn is right in the middle of Santa Barbara, walking distance from anything and everything you want to see.

Visit Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Cali

Img by: Alex Sam

If there’s a place in California that has it all, it might just be Santa Cruz. Gorgeous coastlines, red wood forests and chill beach vibes make this place extra special. Known as “Surf City” to many, you know you’ll want to lay by the sand, explore downtown on foot and enjoy the sun.

There are a lot of great hotels in Santa Barbara, but staying in a place this beautiful can also get pricy. Ocean Pacific Lodge is super adorable and super affordable.

You Can’t Miss South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe

Img by: Alex Sam

This may be shocking, but California isn’t all coastlines and surf. There is such a diverse landscape as you sweep across the states, and that’s what makes it so unique and enticing. One of the most spectacular places in California is Lake Tahoe. The 3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club is surrounded by pine trees, but it also has it’s very own private beach! That’s something you definitely don’t see every day.

Just to add even more juxtaposition, this resort is known for its ski slopes. Bordering Nevada, you can ski during the day and hit the casinos in the evening.

Take Home Snapshots of San Francisco

San Francisco

Img by: Alex Sam

If San Francisco isn’t already at the top of your must-see-list, you better grab your pen and paper. Known for the Golden Gate Bridge and wonderfully liberal culture, this Cali city is one of the most exciting, unique and interesting places in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive.

You’ll want to spend a lot of time exploring the city. What you don’t want to do is spend a fortune on a hotel. You can go for a luxury option, like the The Embassy Suites, or a less expensive option, like The Holiday Inn. Either way, you can’t go wrong when you’re in the Bay Area.

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