Climbing the CN Tower and Conquering Fears

Doesn’t that make you just a wee bit dizzy? It’s mystifying to see in person, as well… and even more knee quivering to experience from the top. Last week I conquered a fear: heights. (Okay, maybe it’s not quite conquered, but I’m certainly 1,122 feet closer!). During my two week trip to the beautiful cosmopolitan city that is Toronto, I was dying to ascend the CN Tower. I wanted to experience the city with a birds eye view, and see all the liiittle tiny people from waaay up in the air.


I gleefully approached the counter reading: La Tour CN Tower, and browsed through all my options. Did I want to cling to my life by a thread of solace, knowing I would be securely strapped to the fringe of this massive structure? I definitely didn’t go for the  EdgeWalk because I’m a chicken… but seeing the little specks of red from the bottom made me want to, so bad! I also had the option to choose a general admissions pass + a Skywalk Tour, however I chose the simple general admission rout purely for budgetary reasons. All in all, I spent $36 CA to see the LookOut level (a whopping 1,136 ft. high), the EdgeWalk viewing at BaseCamp, the world famous Glass Floor looking straight into the Rogers Centre, and an outdoor SkyTerrace.


Shortly after, I climbed aboard the all glass elevator to be swept up to my destination. My legs shook (I kid you not), as I stood at the corner of the hoist and stared straight down into what could be my doom. This was probably the safest elevator I had ever been in. They boast:

Thrill to the top of the world in only 58 seconds! Six high-speed glass-fronted elevators give you a breath-taking view as you race upwards at 22 kilometres (15 miles) per hour!

All jokes aside, the staff at the CN Tower were extremely calming, helpful, and well equipped for any (very rare) potential emergencies.

Within those advertised 58 seconds, we reached the top with a sweeping air of relief. I peered down through the heavily advertised Glass Floor; although the feeling of vertigo was overwhelming, they weren’t much to look at. Flocked by hoards of tourists, these little pains in the middle of the structure just didn’t do it for me. (But I did get a pretty cool picture):

photo 2

I stepped out into the SkyTerrace where I felt a heavy push of air. Again, I was not satisfied with the fencing surrounding this area, blocking all view from the top. Was I looking to be further thrilled by the height? Did I wish the tower were higher up in the air? Something was missing, and at this point I realized why so many visitors opted for the SkyPod tour (at the very least).

photo (2)

I continued searching… and then, I found the level surrounded by glass windows.

photo (1)

It was magical, and overall, the experience I was looking for. I’ll go back some day and dangle off the surface of the CN Tower, but for now, I’m content with the nerve racking elevator ride and a view of Canada like I never thought I’d see…

Have you ever climbed the CN Tower or conquered a fear of heights?

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  1. February 27, 2015

    I’ve wanted to do the EdgeWalk for years now. Someday….

    • March 3, 2015

      Melissa, me too! If you go before me, let me know how it is 🙂

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