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Welcome to Travelsuras! This is what happens when you combine an insatiable passion for seeing the world, a messy obsession with travel focused DIY projects, and a love for photography. That’s what this blog is about.

We Will…

∴ Take you on a journey full of colors, beautiful places, and kind people.

Help you become a better photographer through our mistakes and the lessons we’ve learned.

Capture moments that are irreplaceable, and encapsulate them through frozen images in time.

Show you how to commemorate your experiences once you’re home again (with glitter, photo books, Instagram tricks, and so much more).

Where You Should Start…

Check out our really handy start here page that will walk you through all the most visited travel blog posts on Travelsuras.  There’s a ton of stuff you might want to know, like how to teach English abroad in South Korea, or maybe what it’s like to grow up in Central America.

Perhaps you’re here because you’re curious about how to cope when you’re in a long distance relationship (coming soon!). We’re big fans of bright pictures, and awkward stories, so stay tuned through social media on: Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also check out our Photography and Travel Videos sections.

Where to next?

Well this is awkward… you know so much about us (we do talk a lot), but we know nothing about you! Shoot Neysha an e-mail and say hello at neysha.bauer@gmail.com. We’d love to get to know you.

Plus, if you like what you see here, go ahead and add yourself to our e-newsletter so that you never miss an update. We swear we won’t spam you, but I can’t promise we won’t include pictures of adorable Korean children from Neysha’s classroom!

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